Ambitions & Cornwall Council Tackle Fistral Litter

18th November 2019

18th of November saw Ambitions and Cornwall Council take to Fistral Beach help keep it rubbish free and to protect and preserve the marine life there.

It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining and there was a wonderful flux of partners in attendance. Cornwall College, United Response with young people, CSW, Cornwall Council and Careers & Enterprise Company all joined forces to make a positive difference to our environment. The teams set-off in the pursuit of litter.

It didn’t take long for our teams to realise that the litter on the beach was rather minimal. However, the sand dunes were a different story, housing a lot more waste and even an abandoned tent. All the teams came together to help collapse and dispose of the tent safely.

The day was a huge success and several bags of rubbish were collected.