Success Story: From Finance to the Classroom

30th April 2020

Read how one young person worked with the Ambitions project to change their career path from accountancy to primary education

H was in his third year of college and making progress on Business Level 3. However, he was not enjoying the course and started to feel like he was going in the wrong direction. The concerns about his future started to mount up and he was soon referred to Ambitions. Consequently, he withdrew from the course but could continue studying GCSE English.

Our young person is a wheelchair user with an EHCP and requires additional support and specific arrangements, but this is not been a barrier for him. H will use taxis to get to college or go to the gym, he is active and fit person and enjoys being part of the wheelchair basketball team. H is also from a supportive and close-knit family. He lives with his mum, stepfather and sister.

After working with H and building a rapport with him, it soon became clear that he had a keen interest in a career at a primary school. This was a surprising revelation as he came to us looking at a career in accountancy and strongly considering an apprenticeship in that field.

So, the next steps were for H to delve deeper into his interest. The project helped H to develop his CV and get this out to prospective apprenticeships and jobs in the town. With some action H soon found himself at a placement in a local primary school, where he has been since January! At first the arrangement was for our young person to attend every Thursday morning until the end of the year, however, this soon turned into every Wednesday. The Ambitions project helped H to get his DBS check via the flexible support fun and this has enabled him to get even more from the experience. H has been able to lead sessions, does not require constant monitoring and has been able to spend more time at the school as a result of the DBS check.

This placement has made all the difference for our young person and has helped them to discover his passion for the primary education sector. So much that he is enquiring with his headteacher about apprenticeships and other openings at his current setting. Our young person has an exciting future a head of him and has so much he can offer. We wish H the best with his chosen career path.