Cornwall Care visits Workshop to Success

17th February 2020

Workshops to Success recently enjoyed an insightful visit from Matthew Beer, Recruitment Adviser for Cornwall Care.

Matthew informed our young people that Cornwall Care (CC) is in fact a charity and has a diverse selection of roles that range from horticulture, ground maintenance, cooking and business & administration. All of the roles have a support function that maintains their many care homes throughout Cornwall.

CC has many training opportunities and benefits for its staff, which our you people loved hearing about. Then, Matthew went on to explain what a regular working day looks like for a Care Assistant. This was really helpful, as our young people had a better understanding of their daily tasks, such as helping residents choose their meals and helping them prepare for an outing.

“It was fantastic to meet such a great group of open minded and engaged individuals that are interested in roles within the Care industry.
“I was really impressed with the quality of conversation and level of confidence when asking questions.” - Matthew Beer, Recruitment Adviser for Cornwall Care

Thanks to all of Matt’s experience he was able to provide us with an insight into the skills and qualities that he looks for and how he can tailor a job interview to suit the applicant’s needs. He was very encouraging and really got our young people to consider their interests. Matt even asked them to send him their CV's.

“I loved the Cornwall Care Workshop, and enjoyed talking about my own experience of care work.
“I found this workshop very useful as Care work is what I enjoy doing, and is something I would like to make a career in, after having my baby and returning to work. Matthew explained all of the training options and told me about the flexi -hours and options available to parents.” - Chantelle Luke, Workshops to Success Young Person.