Fin's Journey

4th March 2020
Fin was part of the first cohort of Redruth Job Centre claimants who participated in the CSW Ambitions Workshops to Success Programme, which started in October 2019. He was referred to the project under the Youth Obligation Offer.

When he started working with CSW, he lacked confidence and in his own words was ‘socially awkward’ and was unwilling to take off his hood and engage with the rest of the group. However, gradually he became more confident and integrated into the group and was able to play an active role in all the sessions. He was able to engage with his peers and became a popular member of the group.

For example, on Food Industry day he took great interest in the different types of fish and was the first to volunteer to try the oysters, which he enjoyed, much to everyone’s surprise!

The difference the workshops have made with Fin has been huge. He has attended all the workshops and was always punctual, proactive and engaged with the other participants and the employers that gave presentations.  He has also been very supportive to others in the group, offering encouragement and advice which highlights his improved confidence.

He is much more confident, happier in himself and has set himself clear employment goals.  He has now decided that he really does want to work with animals and is set to start as a volunteer at Paradise Park which could hopefully lead to employment.

When CSW were asked to contribute to a showcase day at Redruth Job Centre, Fin was the workshop ambassador and was able to put across his views on what had worked for him and why the workshops had been a success – extract from Fin’s speech included below:

“I went to all of the workshops for the opportunities it brings, such as meeting employers and learning new skills.

I enjoy the workshops because they are fun and not stressful at all and easy to relate to most people there.

If it were not for the workshops I would not be here now, as I could not have done this before

 And I am glad I came to the workshops for these reasons and I would come to them again’’