Getting creative with sustainability

2nd January 2020

Find out how Ambitions and The Real Ideas Organisation helped young people to learn new ways to be sustainable.

Participants have recently been showing their green credentials and learning new skills. Our partners at The Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) have recently registered with Morsbag, an international company that helps people to upcycle textiles into bags and remove plastic bags from circulation. Ambitions and RIO have even set up a Morsbag pod in Cornwall and our young people have been learning practical sewing skills that can help them in the future. Not only are they learning new skills, but they are learning new concepts about sustainability and looking after our environment. Our young people have also been busy creating bees wax food wraps. These are a sustainable solution to plastic wrapping and are made from old cotton material and bees wax pellets.

Quarter 4 did pose some rather difficult weather; however, RIO were still able to take some participants to the beach as part of the Ambitions beach clean. During the session, the group collected pieces of driftwood, which were later used to make a festive scene for the Liskeard office.

The picture shows the participants creative efforts: the excellent homemade bags and driftwood Christmas tree made for a truly excellent window.