Success Story: Academically Gifted and at Risk of NEET

14th July 2020

Read how one participant worked with the Ambitions project to develop the independence skills he needs for university.

Our young person has limited independence skills and Asperger’s, which prompted his parents to believe he is not ready for university. This was also noticed by his school and they identified the young person as risk of NEET, despite being academically gifted.

Upon referral to the project the first thing Ambitions did was to liaise with his school to get independence skills included in his EHC Plan. Ambitions also approached some other alternative education provisions to see if they could provide this alongside him continuing his A Levels, but they had to decline due to funding. A referral for mentoring at YPC was also submitted but the Covid-19 pandemic has meant this is now on hold. However, a referral to their SEND participation worker resulted in our young person getting signed up for D of E! This will be an excellent way for our young person to test himself and build the critical independence skills he needs, whilst hopefully having some fun!

Throughout lockdown we have maintained contact with our young person with weekly phone calls. The nature of the calls is to encourage him to do his schoolwork and to implement a personal timetable to encourage routine. Furthermore, the family have been signposted to local autism support group who may provide independence mentoring. We have also made sure that his mum has the information she needs regarding additional support that is provided in universities, as well as advice on benefits.

Access Training have agreed to take on this case and try to get the EHC Plan signed over to them, meaning they can provide the independence skills work and contract school to finish his A Levels. They will also provide a youth worker/mentor to work on the independence skills he needs. We look forward to Access Training carrying all the great work started by Ambitions and our participant and hope he goes on to flourish at university.