Success Story: Battling Anxiety to Secure a Work Placement

16th October 2019

Read how a participant worked with Cornwall Council and Ambitions to overcome anxiety and gain a work placement.

This young woman referred herself to our service, with the aim of securing work experience or a work placement. Suffering from anxiety, autism and Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, she had a particular set of needs. She finds any conversation about the future and employment really challenging and suffered a nervous breakdown upon leaving school.

Recognising her high level of anxiety around career-based discussions her adviser began to build a relationship and lightly touched on different subjects. After several discussions she decided that she wanted to see what work was like in an admin post. After contacting several local businesses, with the help of the project’s SEND coordinator, an initial meeting with Liskeard Council was arranged.

Our participant was very excited about the potential of an initial meeting and although she was very nervous, she was happy to discuss a work placement with the deputy town clerk. It was a success and a 6-week work placement was arranged that started in October 2019. Through this she will gain exposure to admin aspects of the council, admin aspects of the local museum and the opportunity to experience meeting preparation and discussions. 

During the meeting, she was also able to discuss other interests and shared a written review of a local screening. The deputy town clerk found this review interesting enough to put her in contact with the Lyskerrys community magazine, this will hopefully result in future opportunities for our participant in an area that she is good at.