Success Story: How Constructive Feedback Made a Big Difference

5th June 2020

Read how one participant worked with Ambitions and The Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) to build his confidence and find a job after a long period of unemployment

T joined ambitions after a long spell of unemployment meant that Job Centre Plus needed to see some evidence that he was actively trying to find a job.

Attending the regular (pre-covid) Opportunity Hacks, T initially came along to job search and socialise with other young people. T was keen to pursue a career in IT and would regularly apply for these types of positions. Sadly, due to the competitive nature of the industry he was becoming all too familiar with not being successful.

After coaching support, T started to apply for a wider variety of jobs, including the local Tesco’s where on two occasions he was shortlisted to attend an interview. Sadly, he never got offered a position, but at the second interview he asked for feedback; they explained that he needed better eye contact and more confidence. He took this information onboard and persisted in applying for local jobs.

Whilst continuing with the job search T started to attend some of the Monday creative session and since Covid-19 has engaged in CAD training, cookery sessions and the online opportunity hacks regularly.

T persevered and continued applying for jobs, even after several applications and some interviews. His dedication was impressive, and he soon decided to apply for a job at Sitel – a company used by the Government to track confirmed cases of Covid-19. After a phone interview he received confirmation he had been successful and started a customer service role in May 2020. His new job is still going well, and he is enjoying the regular income.