Success story: From leaving school with no GCSEs to getting back into education

28th January 2020

Read how a participant worked with Penwith Community Trust and Ambitions to manage his anxiety and get back into education

 J had been let down by the education system, being pushed from pillar to post. By the time he had been referred to Ambitions he had undergone 4 managed moves in 5 years. His fifth secondary school didn’t enter him for GCSEs or for college meaning he was leaving school with no qualifications and no plan. J was also diagnosed with learning difficulties and mental health needs but had no EHC plan in place.

After J’s keyworker had built up trust and rapport, he then fully engaged with all his options regards education and additional support for him and his family. J was living with his grandparents, with little involvement from his parents. His nan received a massive boost from all of this support as she didn’t know what his options were after year 11.

During his time on the project J was linked into Adult Education to do functional skills English, Maths and ICT. To boost his learning with Adult Education, 9 hours of 1-2-1 tutoring with Savvy Education was also secured thanks to a £1900 grant. The grant also helped J buy a laptop so he can complete online tuition. J was also linked in with SENDIASS in order to support him and his nan to apply for an EHC plan to support his educational needs. He was meant to complete a summer programme with Penwith Community Development Trust (PCDT) but felt he couldn’t proceed due to his anxiety levels at the time. Noting this, his key worker referred him for mentoring through Young People Cornwall, all in aid of helping his social anxiety.

J has been brilliant to work with and made the most of every opportunity. We wish him all the success in the future.