Success Story: Making new friends and skills thanks to work placement

7th December 2019

Read how Callum worked with Cornwall Council and Ambitions to gain a work placement.

Callum is a 22-year-old unemployed young man, who joined Ambitions to help him achieve paid employment. He currently volunteers at a charity shop part time, which he enjoys.

Callum is completing a work experience opportunity at Cornwall Council with the Access to work Coordinator, Dawn Yarwood. This is to give Callum greater experiences of the variety of jobs that there are to offer. He has had to complete real work tasks and document his journey as others would be required to do in a similar role. He is completing new work tasks for the first time, such as sending calendar invites.

“Callum has a brilliant memory, he only spends one day a week with me, but everything he has previously learnt, he is now completing automatically. He has some wonderful ideas, and he has helped organise the staff to support the up-coming mentoring circles in January. I would recommend everyone offer work experience, as I have learnt, from having another perspective of what I am delivering.  Callum will be an asset to any role” Dawn Yarwood

Everyone has different reasons for why they work. Callum said, “It would be nice to have some money to spend on items I want for myself and money for my family as well.” Callum has only ever experienced retail work, so is sampling different work experiences to see if he would consider other roles. “I still want to do retail as my main work opportunity, but I am still interested in doing other work placements. I am learning new skills, communicating with others and making friends.” Callum.

Callum will finish his work experience in January, he will then start a new work experience. His confidence will grow, and all the new skills will be to his advantage when he comes to apply for a job.