Success Story: The Nervous Traveller

13th July 2020

Read how one participant worked with Ambitions and The Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) to develop her own travel company plans

J has Asperger’s syndrome and has been incredibly open about it from the beginning, explaining the difficulties and challenges she often faces daily. After a traumatic hand injury, J felt she needed to build herself back up before moving into employment again.

J spoke about having a ’30-year plan’ and talked enthusiastically about her love for travel and creating detailed itineraries for trips. Her long-term goal is to work for a bespoke international travel company.

Joining WorkAble at the beginning of the year, J was tasked with writing a blog about her experiences of work with ‘aspies’ and created a ‘top tips’ on how she copes in situations for others in a similar position. You can read J's blog here

Since Covid-19 lockdown, J has really engaged with online sessions; attending the Opportunity Hack most Mondays and connecting with others. During a session J spoke about the recent difficulty of winding down and getting to sleep. Through discussion with another young person they came up with the idea of running regular ‘wellbeing’ sessions which incorporate meditation and yoga. These now run regularly on evenings and some mornings and have replaced the pre Covid-19 female boxing sessions

Through coaching and mentoring J has gained confidence in writing blogs and recognised her ability to share her experiences with others. As a result, J attended the Ambitions commissioned marketing sessions, where she received 1:1 support and set up her first WordPress blog and bought the domain name ‘The Nervous Traveller’.

J now has a new focus of writing travel blogs and building up a following – with the new medium- long term aim of starting her own independent travel business aimed at nervous travellers. These could be people with Autism or a learning disability and would value in-depth planning and research to make their trips stress free and as enjoyable as possible. Her distance travelled in such a short time scale is incredible; she is excited about the future and has started to involve her parents in conversations and plans. J would still love to work for the international travel company but now has the belief and passion to work towards her own enterprise ideas.