Success story: Overcoming a Lack of Confidence to Find Work

6th January 2020

Read how a participant worked with Cornwall College and Ambitions to build her confidence and gain a work placement.

Upon leaving college H had become increasingly isolated. Struggling to find work and with a challenging home environment H started to suffer with low self-esteem and poor confidence. H was living with her father and her brother, who has autism. With no one to share the needs of her brother, H’s father was completely stretched.

The brother was engaged with Ambitions via the Summer School and it was here that the father referred his daughter to the service. On the first meeting H’s adviser could see that she was a bit shy, however, she soon opened-up and was sharing her passion for cars. The adviser realised there was plenty of information here to form a CV. The pair worked on a CV, pinpointed companies where H would like to work and created some speculative covering letters.

Feeling invigorated, H started applying for jobs and in some instances even delivering her CV by hand. All this hard work soon paid off and H found herself doing amazing in her interview and getting the job.