Success Story: Persistence pays!

18th October 2019

Read about how Sam kept going to get himself into college with support from CSW Group.

When Sam came to Ambitions, he was struggling with low self-esteem and found social situations difficult. Diagnosed with ADHD, mental health issues and dyslexia, the aim was to support his transition into college.

Sam has a strong passion for catering and really wants to pursue this area as a career. Sadly, he took a setback when applying for a place on a level 2 catering course and was unable to get on the course. He was given constructive feedback to work on though and the Ambitions worker helped him prepare for a second interview at the college.

Second time round was a success! Sam received fantastic feedback from his interview and was successful on getting a place on Foundation Vocational Studies Programme Level 1. Sam and Ambition’s work didn’t end here though. With support from his Ambitions worker, Sam was able to secure a transport permit, enabling him to get to college. He was also supported in applying for a college bursary.

Sam was concerned about his dyslexia making it difficult to keep up with the speed of coursework. His Ambitions worker made multiple applications to local charities to secure a laptop for Sam. Eventually this paid off with Collectrical CIC awarding Sam a reconditioned laptop to aid his studies.

Persistence really does pay off. Everyone at Ambitions is really proud of Sam for not giving up on his passion. Also, we are proud of our worker for not giving up on securing Sam a laptop, in order to help with his studies. Sam is working hard at college and making new friends. Although it can be a struggle at times, Sam has good attendance and is doing great!