Success story: Playing real-life Football Manager

29th January 2020

Read how a participant worked with United Response and Ambitions to challenge himself and follow his passion

Our young person had not been in any form of education or work since 2017. With Asperger syndrome and severe anxiety, he was very dependent on his mum and would go for days without coming out of his room. His youth worker took the time to understand his needs and invested her energy in building a rapport with him. This included something as simple as sending a text before calling him, in order to help the anxiety phone calls can cause him. She kept in regular contact through calls and emails, learning more about his personality and building his confidence in the process.

His youth worker was left extremely impressed with his progress, which was aided by him being very self-aware. Being honest about his barriers and being able to identify his triggers has made it easier for his youth worker to help him. She spent time researching courses that may appeal to him, noting his interest in coaching and football. From here she liaised with Plymouth Argyle and arranged for Dave Shumer (their course representative) to come and meet our young person in his hometown. The meeting was a real success, Dave was fantastic at going over any concerns and answering any questions. What followed was an application to get on the course. The youth worker provided support with the interview process and all the paperwork and we can now celebrate our young person having started this course this month.

Our young person was as organised as ever, asking for his timetable well in advance and researching the course capacity. Getting this type of information helps him to mentally prepare for what is to come. His outlook on life is on so much more positive and long gone are the days of him staying locked in his room. Everyone at Ambitions and United Response is so proud of his progress.