Success Story: The Power of Positivity

12th October 2019

Read how a participant worked with Cornwall College and Ambitions to overcome low self-esteem to find work. 

A young man has significantly improved his mental wellbeing and living situation after engaging with Ambitions and Cornwall College. With little family support and low self-esteem, he felt unemployable and with nothing to offer.

He was also under added pressure to find a job and contribute to the household finances. Although his parents hadn’t directly challenged him, he felt he was close to being evicted if he was unable to pay rent.

His adviser helped him to write a CV and to really consider what his skills are. This process seemed to give him a boost as he began to recognise how he can benefit an employer. However, with transport an issue they both identified local employers for him to approach. His adviser had to take some leave and it was agreed they would catch up on this process later. 

Undeterred and inspired our participant carried on anyway and his adviser returned from holiday to an email cheerily informing her of his new job.

Having people believe in him made all the difference and he now has an income, stability at home and a career plan.