Success Story: Ready for study after WEX Placement

8th January 2020

Read how Ambitions and Cornwall Council worked together to give a young person a positive pathway following a successful work placement.

RI was referred to the Ambitions Education Business Partnership by their school careers advisor. It had been identified that due to the young person’s learning disability, they would really benefit from some 1-2-1 support to find a suitable work experience placement.

The young person was finding school difficult as they were struggling to get on with their classmates. RI was also transitioning and identified as male. RI hadn’t completed any work experience in the past, so it was vital to make this experience positive.

The project officer got to know RI, identifying their keen interest in creative pursuits and drawing. From here it was clear that design-based work experience was the best way forward. The project officer identified a WEX placement within the Design and Communications team at Cornwall Council, and managed to secure funding to enable RI to take the train to the work placement.

Throughout the WEX placement RI had a set schedule of tasks to do each day with list and descriptions outlining the tasks. The WEX manager was really happy with RI’s progress and said that they really enjoyed having RI with them for a week.

At the end of placement review meeting we discussed things that went well, and things that RI could improve on. RI understood that, to pursue a career in this field they would need to develop their English skills. Invigorated by the experience and with a clearer understanding of areas to develop, RI felt focussed and ready for year 11.