Success Story: Swapping Damaging Behaviour for a Positive Future

26th June 2020

A stressful home life was leading our young person to shutting himself away in his room. Struggling daily with his mental health, our young person was engaging in self-harm, along with excessive drug and alcohol use. It has been hard for our young person and he has often felt passed around the system, moving from worker to worker.

Help from Ambitions first came in regular meetings between our Project Officer and participant, were they would work hard on breaking down his barriers. As rapport started to build between the pair our participant become more open about his challenges and they agreed that a referral to the Addaction team would be wise. Their involvement was welcomed by our participant so that he could begin to fully address his drug and alcohol use. We also contacted Harbour Housing to arrange independent living for our participant.

Getting our young person to be more social was another way to boost his confidence and this was achieved by getting him to engage with community projects. He still engages with these projects now, which shows a huge change in his behaviour.

Our young person is now more aware of the damage drugs and alcohol can do to his body and has just started voluntary work. Whilst all of this will help our young person to maintain his new behaviours it could even lead to a potential job offer after the Covid-19 pandemic. Things really are starting to look much better and we are so happy to see all these positive changes for him.