Workshops to Success: Animal Day

18th December 2019

Today our series Workshops to Success welcomed guest speaker Bek Trehern from The Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Bek shared her knowledge and experience of working with animals and our young people got to enjoy some team building games.

You can learn more about our guest speaker, Bek in the Q and A below.

What did you get up to in Australia?

"In Australia I worked at the University of Western Australia in the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre where I conducted an experiment investigating the effects of ocean acidification on coral and coralline algae.
"I also worked in the Bahamas for 6 months conducting my masters research where I investigated the effect of salinity on lionfish behaviour and metabolism. I also ran education groups for high school students whilst there."

What degree did you do?

"I have a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Master’s of Science by Research in Marine Biology"

What is your favourite animal?

"My favourite animals are ducks and of course, seals. I also really love whale sharks and coral – sorry, classic animal person being unable to choose just one!"

And what will the seals be getting for Christmas?

"The seals will be getting a whole range of things including fish treats and enrichment toys such as hoops and balls."