Workshops to Success: Food Industry Day

18th November 2019

Today our series Workshops to Success welcomed guest speakers Toni Brian and David Sharlan of Flying Fish, and Donavon Gardner, director of the Redruth Food Bank.

The workshop kicked off with Toni and David detailing the history of their company and how David (Operations Manager) got into the fish industry. David then provided us with a demonstration of how to look for healthy, fresh fish and how to fillet them, going on to show us a variety of different fish that are sold to restaurants. He cooked some fabulous mussels which we all got to try. Fin was brave enough to try oysters for the first time! Which he really liked!

Sustainability was also on the menu. David explained how Flying Fish only buy from day boats that are run by responsible fisherman. The company even vet the policies of their suppliers, to ensure sustainability is featured. Flying Fish also provide workshops with schools and consult with industry professionals to encourage ethical choices. 

Toni then offered a different insight into the industry, from the perspective of her role as HR Manager. She went on to explain what skills they look for during their recruitment process, and even delved into the details of her companies training schemes.

Redruth Food Bank Director Donavon Gardner closed the session, explaining how the charity started and how everyone can help.