Young People Cornwall spearhead a Best Practice Event

2nd December 2019

Young People Cornwall (YPC) held a ‘Best Practice Event’ for all partners of the Ambitions Project on Monday 2nd December at The House Youth Project in St Austell.

The purpose of this event was to bring together professionals working on the Ambitions project to discuss what participation is and how best to achieve a truly young person centred approach.

The two-hour workshop included looking at barriers to working with Young People within the Ambitions job role, considering the diverse organisational principles and policies. Then sharing good practice and working together to explore solutions to minimise or even erase those barriers.

The content of the day was devised from feedback and conversations Charm Tinn, the Ambitions Involvement and Participation Youth Worker had with various young people who had either been directly supported by Ambitions and those who could potentially have benefitted from Ambitions had it been around some years ago when they were having issues engaging in education, employment and training.  A diverse range of young people were consulted to make the content as objective and comprehensive as possible. This material was then evaluated and formed the core of the workshop, ensuring young people’s lived experiences inform practice.

The structure of the day consisted of using an array of workshop tools, such as role play, group work and whole discussions to further enhance the sharing of practice and knowledge.

Young People Cornwall ended the day by showcasing a short film created directly with young people to support their voices and opinions being heard about what they need from a support worker and how the tailored and holistic help is so very imperative for their future aspiration and progression.

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