This is strong partnership with a shared commitment to create greater opportunities for all young people across Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly. An impressive team who have clearly used robust evidence to identify where gaps in provision exist. Together they have produced a highly credible way forward.  The thematic approach illustrates how they have paid attention to detail. Together they have genuinely worked out both a strategic and practical way forward to improve young people's life chances, particularly those most disadvantaged.

Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE, Associate Fellow, University of Warwick, Institute for Employment Research (IER)

Cathie Kessell, Employment and Apprenticeships Officer for Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership said:

Ambitions offers young people aged 15-24 the chance to receive individualised support from a wide range of partners who have joined up on the Project.  Helping them make sustainable transitions into employment, further education or training.  Whilst the unemployment rate for our young people is the lowest it has been for many years, the vast array of work and training opportunities available to young people can be confusing and hard to navigate.  Ambitions provides localised support, alongside good careers advice and guidance to help young people make the right choices for their future and breakdown any barriers to their progression.