This is strong partnership with a shared commitment to create greater opportunities for all young people across Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly. An impressive team who have clearly used robust evidence to identify where gaps in provision exist. Together they have produced a highly credible way forward.  The thematic approach illustrates how they have paid attention to detail. Together they have genuinely worked out both a strategic and practical way forward to improve young people's life chances, particularly those most disadvantaged.

Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE, Associate Fellow, University of Warwick, Institute for Employment Research (IER)

Cathie Kessell, Employment and Apprenticeships Officer for Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership said:

Ambitions offers young people aged 15-24 the chance to receive individualised support from a wide range of partners who have joined up on the Project.  Helping them make sustainable transitions into employment, further education or training.  Whilst the unemployment rate for our young people is the lowest it has been for many years, the vast array of work and training opportunities available to young people can be confusing and hard to navigate.  Ambitions provides localised support, alongside good careers advice and guidance to help young people make the right choices for their future and breakdown any barriers to their progression.

The project has been excellent. The students targeted have engaged with the project and seen the CSW Adviser as a real help to their planning for the future. A number of the students have seen the experience as exceptionally beneficial to their progress. The regularity of contact has been excellent; students have been set targets that they have been able to achieve and that have realistic time scales attached to them. We are keen to work with Ambitions again .

Jonathon Plunkett, Callington Community College

The Ambitions Project via CSW has worked extremely well in school this year. It has given a more personalised focus to some of our most vulnerable students who were at risk of becoming NEET. The Project has complimented our own careers provision in school and given students that additional push and support that they needed. All of our students who participated now have destinations for post-16 education/training/apprenticeships.

Collette Carlin, Liskeard School and Community College

It was like a breath of fresh air to have your support as an independent person, not thinking about anything else other than the needs of my daughter!


They helped me a lot and helped me find work and were very kind and helpful


How I have come from not knowing what to choose at college from being very comfortable and am looking forward to starting my course


The Ambitions project has had a positive impact at Torpoint Community College this academic year, 2018-19……The adviser has been exemplary and quickly formed a positive rapport with the students and through his guidance and advice has enabled and empowered them to make informed career related decisions, ensuring they all have a destination next academic year….The fact that the adviser could offer continued impartial support and the careers interview was not just a one – off event with no follow up, was of huge benefit in helping the selected students consider and choose their next step after completing key stage 4.

Davina Bray, Torpoint Community College